Objectives 2011

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey – follow up the results from the 2010 survey for SaTH with each of the cancer tumour areas to ensure improvement actions are in place and to assist with this improvement wherever we can.

Engage with the new Value Stream Chief for Cancer Care for SaTH – following Dr Srihari recently taking over this role, ensure he is fully aware of our role and our desire to assist in the improvement of care and treatment for cancer patients in this area.

Discharge Information – following the success of our Ongoing Care booklet for breast patients we are looking to produce a similar book for prostate cancer patients. It is our intention to produce similar booklets for other cancer types in due course.

Exercise for cancer patients – fully explore this issue and decide how to best support and inform cancer patients of the importance of this topic.

Advertising materials – produce new Cancer Forum advertising material to both inform cancer patients of our role and to potential attract new members to the join the Forum

Web site – review, update and re-launch our website to make it of more benefit to cancer patients.

Cancer Information and Support Centre – work with the hospital to help ensure such a centre is provided at the Princess Royal Hospital as soon as is possible.

Free Prescriptions for Cancer patients – is has come to our attention that many cancer patients in our area are unaware that they are likely to be eligible to free prescriptions, we are therefore going to address this issue and raise awareness.

Cancer Survivorship – review the work going on in this area locally and decide if the Forum has a role to play to further enhance it or to raise awareness of it.