Previous Achievements

Promoting awareness of free prescriptions to cancer patients
Many cancer patients have not been told that if they are having treatment for cancer they can apply for and receive an exemption for 5 years (after which, if you are still having treatment you can reapply).  We designed and distributed over 100 posters, one to every GP practice and library in our area.  Free Prescriptions for cancer patients 2

Ongoing care booklet for breast cancer patients.
In conjunction with the breast cancer nurses and using a document originally designed at University Hospital North Stafford, we have produced an  Ongoing Care booklet for breast cancer patients.

Fatigue bookmark
Cancer related fatigue is experienced by many cancer patients but not often given the publicity it deserves.  We designed and printed bookmarks to raise awareness and give tips on overcoming fatigue.

Lymphoedema Alert Cards
Lymphoedema Alert Cards have been designed and printed by the forum in conjunction with the lymphoedema therapists.  They are printed on a ‘no tear’ material, so they will last.  Carry one with you and use it to explain to anyone you need to what lymphoedema is and why you can’t use that limb for needles, blood pressure etc.,  These are available from the lymphoedema therapist (they are based at the Seven Hospice). Alert LYMPHOEDEMA