Not so local

Not all cancers have local support groups, you may need to travel further afield to have a support group of a particular cancer type.

The Moles  (Skin Cancer)
Ernest Green, Co Chair – 01782 560610

We are a new group – set up in early 2010 – with the desire to offer support to  patients diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and living in North Staffordshire.  If you are happy to travel to our meetings from further afield we will be very happy to see you

We know from our own experience that it is often not just the patients who need support.  Family and friends are also affected by the diagnosis and may feel helpless and become desperate to find out more about the disease.

We are not experts (although Gwen Rylands our Clinical Nurse Specialist has worked with skin cancer patients for many years and is an expert), but we do have very personal experiences to share.  In modern speak that translates into – “We’ve been there, done that, got the T shirt.”

If you think you need support, want to talk to us about your experiences or think you could offer support to others please come along to one of our meetings.

The White House in Dudley
We have group meetings for people affected by specific types of cancer. Specialist nurses attend some of these meetings.
Bowel Cancer Group – first Tuesday of the month at 2pm
Breast Reconstruction Group – third Thursday of the month at 10.30am
Gynae Cancer Group – fourth Wednesday of the month at 2pm
Lung Cancer Group – first Thursday in March, June, September and December at 10.30am
New Bowel Cancer Group (for those recently diagnosed) – third Thursday of the month at 2pm
Skin Cancer Group – second Thursday of the month at 11am

What can I do to help?

Cancer52 the common voice for less common cancers.  Cancer52 is an alliance of more than 40 organisations working to address the inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.  Includes links to web sites for their partner organisations.

Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Pseudomyxoma Survivor provides a support network for patients and carers of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP).  This is such a rare cancer, affecting an estimated 1 in a million people per year worldwide, that we need our own voice and online network as it is unlikely that anyone living nearby has even heard of it.   There are just two specialist colorectal centres in the UK who can treat PMP – The Christie in Manchester and the Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital, in Basingstoke.

Please visit the website to find out more.