Resources for people with Learning Difficulties

Our page Provision for People with Learning Difficulties tells you what is available at the Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals.

However, there are many leaflets and books written specifically to help those with learning difficulties either when they or a family member has cancer.  We have split this into:

Free books and leaflets

those at a small cost

books at a regular cost.

If you are looking for leaflets and books with a view to prevention and screening, then you will be interested in the following resources, again split into

free resources

those at a small cost

books at a regular cost

NHS screening programmes

And listed below are some websites with a variety of resources:-

Easy Health
Free leaflets on a variety of health topics including cancer. The site is compiled by Generate working with Mencap.

Northern Cancer Network
Illustrated sheets, flashcards and slideshows on cancer topics.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Illustrated sheets on a series of cancer topics.