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Am I going to die?
2009. 113pp. ISBN 978-1-90467-162-6. £10.

This book for people with a learning disability tells the story of John who has a terminal illness. It deals with both physical deterioration and the emotional aspects of dying. John is shown getting weaker and needing more help. He looks back at his life and makes choices about how to spend his time. The pictures highlight the importance of going on special outings, of remembering good times, and of saying proper goodbyes to family and friends. The final images show John dying at home. Guidelines are provided for carers and supporters, health and other professionals who provide support to people with learning disabilities who are terminally ill. (Publisher)

Getting on with cancer
2002. 74pp. ISBN 978-1-901242-84-3. £10.

When Veronica’s doctor told her she had cancer, she was confused and terrified. Then he told her some cancers can be cured. `Getting on with cancer’ tells the story of Veronica, a woman with Down’s Syndrome, who has cancer. She has surgery and also radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The book deals honestly with the unpleasant side of treatment. It is designed to be used as a counselling tool by anyone working with people who have both learning disabilities and cancer. It will also be valuable for other client groups, for example, people with chronic mental health problems. The book ends on a positive note. Included in the book is Veronica Donaghey’s story ‘It’s not all bad news’, written in her own words. There are also guidelines for carers/supporters and for healthcare professionals, and information on relevant resources and helpful organisations. (Publisher)

Going to out-patients
1998. 68pp. ISBN 978-1-901242-18-8. £10.

This book explains what happens to people in hospital. It covers tests such as an ultrasound, X-ray and hearing test. Feelings, information and consent are all addressed.

When somebody dies
2003. 58pp. ISBN 978-1-901242-90-4. £10.

People with learning disabilities experience grief like everyone else, but are rarely given the support that others are. Mary and John are both upset when someone they love dies. By attending regular bereavement counselling sessions and from the comfort and companionship shown by friends, they learn to cope with life better and better as time passes. (Publisher)