Cancer support takes many forms and is individual to each person.

We have developed pages specifically on support groups, both local and not so local.  These are usually people coming together to share experiences and support each other through the cancer journey, each support group is unique, some have programmes of speakers, while some have more social activities.  Do give them a call, to chat about what they do.

Or you may be needing some help at home following hospital treatment, so there is a page on local services.

Another page incudes details of ‘free’ things for cancer patients, whether thats a free workshop on looking good or even a subsidised holiday abroad.

For some people, they want to find out more about what is cancer, how to help themselves, maybe through relaxation for example so we’ve done a brief summary of some of the excellent e learning courses provided by macmillan.

If your a parent and your looking at how to support your child through your cancer journey, check out our school and childcare page.

Or maybe the cancer patient has learning difficulties and you want to know how the hospital can help.

Or you are a carer looking for information and support or a young person whose parent has cancer.

Also worth checking out is the Community Health & Enterprise Centre for the Telford & Wrekin Area.

Finally, patients and carers can find it hard to ask for help, but family and friends usually want to help in some way and by allowing them to help everyone wins.  Patients and carers get help, family and friends feel better because they can actually do something.  A simple solution to dealing with the requests for what can I do, is to start a messaging system on perhaps your fridge.  Simple Post It’s, each with one task posted on the fridge.  Anyone who wants to help simply checks the fridge and removes one task they can help with.