Early Detection and screening – free resources

Breast Cancer Care

Your breasts, your health. Supporting people with learning difficulties
February 2010. 40pp. ISBN 978-1-907001-07-9. Free.

This pack contains two resources; a leaflet (12pp) for people supporting someone with learning difficulties, and a spiral-bound booklet (18pp) for people with learning difficulties. The leaflet describes why it is important to be breast aware, how to help someone be breast aware, the changes to look and feel for (illustrated), seeing the doctor, going to the breast clinic, and breast screening. The booklet uses illustrations and simple language to describe the breasts, how they may look, how to get to know what they feel like, when to check them, what to do if there is a change, seeing the doctor, having a mammogram, who can get breast cancer and how to be healthy.

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The following booklets are free from Macmillan Cancer Support www.be.macmillan.org.uk

Symptoms, screening and staying healthy (Easy read)
2010. 98pp. Accessible Book 1.

Symptoms, screening and staying healthy. For carers who support people with learning disabilities through cancer.
2010. 74pp. Carers Book 1.