What can I do to help

What can I do to help?‟ you ask.
Well, stand by, because the answer is „Plenty‟.
The book is available to borrow from many cancer information and support centres, or your local library will get a copy for you. If you want your own copy – and it‟s something you may want to dip into regularly – the list price is £7.99 but it‟s available on Amazon for less.
ALL of the author‟s royalties will be paid to Macmillan Cancer Relief.

We don‟t usually recommend books but this one is exceptional. Deborah Hutton discovered that her irritating cough was in fact Stage IV lung cancer which had already spread to her bones, lymph nodes and possibly her liver. Before she died she wrote an amazing anthology of practical examples of ways in which friends and family, often themselves reeling from the shock of the diagnosis and feeling just as helpless and at a loss what to do can make a real, substantial difference.